Subsistance Whaling in Alaska

These photo’s are on  Anchorage Daily News.  They made me smile and so I wanted to share them.  There are a lot more photos on the ADN site but I can’t seem to get them to load, so you’ll have to follow the link I have attached to see more.Alaska_Whale_Photo_Gallery_18A Alaska_Whale_Photo_Gallery_11A





Radom pictures

These are some pictures my in-laws sent us that they took while they were here.

The first day they where here we took a hike up a new trail that was just completed this summer.  It’s actually a very old trail but a new trail head section was put in to hook up the old trail with a new trail head.  We only hiked the new portion but if you wanted to take the whole hike it would take a very very long time.

hike above sandy beach sherrad and dadEverywhere we went Sherrad had to bring his fish net and pole.  Looks like Grandma really got a great catch this time.

bev and sherradHammer Slough

hammer sloughRandom pictures of the kids.

gin and fish ginna in chair ginna looking down kids on couch

Fall Colors

Everything is so green all year long around here that a splash of color is very appreciated.

024 022

A Seagull

seagull seagu;;1


This boat is memorable.



We just saw this moose out our window.

kids 017 kids 018

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